As we reported a few days ago, the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear crisis didn’t affect the scheduled screenings of the 7th StoryConcert “Märchen” in 3D at TOHO Cinemas.

Here is a brief report of the movie with data taken from Twitter and blogs!

  • No special opening or similar.
  • The intro of Hikari to Yami no Märchen is added at the beginning of the live, even if in the real concert they skipped the intro and put it in the end, after the last song.
  • Even so, the intro also appears after the last song, just as it happened in the real concert.
  • It has special effects added (and I’ve read that the ones in Haritsuke are really cool)
  • All the MCs are cut out.
  • The encore part was not included, but there is a short ‘new video’ after the end of the live. It is said to be a video in the same style than the movie/animation thing in Across the Horizon, and the setting of the SH Cafe appears on it.
  • All the applauses have been cut out. Also, the pause between songs is shortened.
  • They say it is meant for those who couldn’t go to the live, rather than those who actually have seen the real concert. It says it can be a bit disappointing since there is no encore.
  • The camera work is said to be remarkably good.

7th StoryConcert DVD & Blu-Ray announced (no release date yet!)

KING RECORDS posted the following message in the Sound Horizon page:

It says that the release of the 7th Story Concert “Märchen” ~Those dazzling days in which you are smiling now…~ has been decided. It also says that details will appear in the Official Website ‘sometime soon’.

Let’s hope it will be next week!

More media promotion

Sound Horizon was featured in the Oricon BiZ website, as part of the section ‘BiZ Recommends’. Also, the first issue of the new FOOL’S MATE spin-off magazine Anison Mate featured an interview to Revo.

Also, a kind blogger posted some scans of the monographic magazine Anican R that featured Sound Horizon:

Clap if you are having a fangasm and can’t wait to know the release date of the DVD  →