While an official announcement of the Märchen LIVE DVD hasn’t been done yet, the Super Entertainment Newspaper ANICAN R has launched a special edition this week, exclusively dedicated to Sound Horizon and Märchen.

Anican R Newspaper vol.105 This special edition of Anican R, which is an A3 blanket size publication, includes a report of the 7th StoryConcert, as well as a 7000-character long interview to Revo. 

Its price is only 300 yen, but its availability is limited and it may be out of sale soon. If you want to get a copy of it, you can buy it through Amazon Japan (we recommend you to use Noppin to avoid the ridiculously expensive shipping fee)

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Thanks to HIS MASK for the info!

Sound Horizon Cafe 2011 – Dishes and cocktails!

The names of this year’s dishes and cocktails have been published at the Imperial Household Agency. You can check the dinner menus here, and the launch menu and cocktails here.

These are two of the most hilarious dishes from the menu:

“Seven” Omelette Rice

Well-kuchen (dessert)

and these are the seven cocktails inspired by the seven revenge tragedies woven in the new album Märchen. One of those will be served on each day of the week!

Ah… people doesn’t realize how hard is it to be a Laurant outside Japan.

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