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Any announcement and guidelines update once posted on the Main Page will appear here. Please be sure to check this page if you have been out for a long period.


Another notice to ALL the people working here

I hope you are all doing well. Recapping: We're much more people here now and we've been having some problems with canon (read: people mistaking non-canon information for canon, and people getting upset because of it) which seem to not be solving the right way.

As I said in past announcements, adding non-canon stuff treated as canon in pages and not following the style consensus of this Wiki ends up becoming more work of re-writing and deeper proofreading, which is a bad thing. This can be solved by:

  1. Not trusting one's knowledge straight away and being sure to check other sources, asking, or checking lyrics.
  2. Only write about things you are sure about.
  3. Checking the guidelines or reading them in case of not having done that yet.

The alternative for both ends of the issue to ranting, bitching and getting frustrated is the following: If you are not self-confident (or you've been proved not totally reliable) in some areas of the SH world, why not start working in singer pages? how about starting DVD pages or live tour pages, or a page about the 5th Anniversary Movie Across the Horizon? there is a f*ing lot of work to be done there as well.

There is work for EVERYONE (or almost everyone) here so, instead of running in circles around the same issue, why not just look somewhere else where you can contribute?

Gloria Sound Horizon Kingdom! --Admin 13:30, 5 January 2012 (PST)

Clarification regarding minor character section

Just because a character has been listed on the minor character section, it doesn't mean that editors aren't allowed to write a full article for them. If you think there is enough content concerning the character for him or her to warrant a full article, feel free to go ahead and make one!(i.e. the two princes, the queen) I'll adjust the minor character section accordingly.

--Defade 08:10, 4 January 2012 (PST)

Introducing Categories

(I just wrote this announcement and it mysteriously disappeared !?! T_T)

Back to when we opened the Wiki, some pages to group the content of the wiki were created. However, the Wiki software includes a default feature to do that automatically, and that is categories.

In order to have all the content of the wiki indexed and organized, we'll start using category tags. It is as easy as adding [[Category:Name of the Category]] at the bottom of the page.

Check 5th Story Roman to see how it works.

I've created a page to list all the categories, so we don't get confused. It's Sh:Categories.

--Admin 09:27, 3 January 2012 (PST)

Notice about canon and style

Hi everyone!

"We work as a closed group of editors to build the basics of the Wiki. The aim is to store all the 'canon', or official information about Sound Horizon - with a bit of room for theories as well.

We have a set of GUIDELINES to make style cohesion better. You'll have to read it to know how to work with edition! but it's all very simple and readable."
Email sent to each and everyone of the editors (fragment).

Every edit made without taking the SH Wiki Guideline and Guidelines append into account translates into extra work for the rest of editors and supervisors.

If you are an editor and have trouble telling canon from fanon, please contact the Admin (e-mail address in his user page) and we'll help you!

--Admin 09:29, 2 January 2012 (PST)

Usage of Romaji throughout the Wiki

The Guideline says Use Hepburn romanisation in the Wiki. However, I didn't specify whether it had to be traditional or modified Hepburn. I say now it is traditional Hepburn.

For example:

The word Border in Japanese is 境界線 (きょうかいせん)

  1. The traditional Hepburn romanisation would be: Kyoukaisen.
  2. The modified Hepburn romanisation would be: Kyōkaisen.

Since not everybody can type macrons that easily with a keyboard, we'll just get rid of them by using traditional Hepburn.

Please check the Wiki page about Hepburn romanisation for more info.

--Admin 06:55, 3 January 2012 (PST)

Character template pages and romaji in titles

To prevent further confusion in regards to how character pages are written, I've drawn up a Character page template that every editor should read through carefully before writing new articles. For practical examples, simply look through the articles that are already written on the wiki and try to learn from those.

There has been some confusion in regards to how romaji should be capitalized in titles, and I apologize for not addressing this sooner, but all words, except for particles, are to be capitalized when romaji is used as a title. Which means song titles like Sei to Shi wo Wakatsu Kyoukai no Furuido as opposed to Sei to Shi wo wakatsu Kyoukai no Furuido.

Kurobara will make another announcement to clear up confusions regarding the romanization system we're using in this wiki. --Defade 20:15, 2 January 2012 (PST)

Regarding the usage of GIFs

While gifs may look nice, they tend to take up quite a lot of space on the wiki. For people with slower connections, this might mean a longer period of time spent loading up the whole page. There's also the issue of the people who spent the effort to actually make those gifs - some of them might not want their creations to be used on the wiki without permission, so let us all respect the work they put into the gifs and stick with still pictures.

--Defade 00:17, 2 January 2012 (PST)


Sound Horizon songs are filled with various references, either to historical figures and events or to other songs, and those should be noted on the song pages themselves with the use of annotations. Interpretations of any particular line in the song could also be included in the annotations, though their nature should be clarified so as to not confuse official information with fan interpretations. For an example page, please see here.

The code involved is rather simple:

First put an 'Annotations' section on the bottom of the page, and include a reference tag below it:


Then go through the song, pick out the places that you want to annotate:

This is the content. <ref>This is the annotation.</ref>

The content between the <ref> tags will naturally appear below the 'Annotations' section. Please make sure to annotate only the translated version of the songs, for the sake of easy reading.

News from the Sound Horizon Wiki - December (2)

  1. Wiki Page titles
  2. Discussion
  3. Linking

1. Wiki Page Titles

When creating a new page, please capitalize all nouns in the title, as per the usual convention for wiki pages.

2. Discussion

Everyone is free to create a talk/discussion page for any existing article to discuss debatable points in it. We will consider all the points presented, but if there is no sign of discussion or response from the original author of the article within three days, the final decision would be up to us. Please understand that this is for the sake of efficiency in the writing of the wiki.

3. Linking

Please link all well-known seiyuus to their respective wikipedia pages. There is very little to be said about them that isn't covered on wikipedia already.

Do not create links for musicians that we do not have sufficient information of - this probably applies to everyone who isn't a semi-recurring SH member. We won't be making articles for them.

--Defade 18:22, 31 December 2011 (PST)

News from the Sound Horizon Wiki - December

Dear SH Wiki editors,

Thanks for all the work that has been done already. We should all be proud!

  1. Style Cohesion
  2. Related pages
  3. Redirection!
  4. New supervisor

1. Style cohesion

We're doing really well. However, as the number of pages increases, the chance of having errors of style cohesion and edition mistakes becomes higer. This is why I ask you to try and take a second look at our SH Wiki Guideline, and try to follow it as much as possible. Don't hesitate to look it up to solve doubts at any time!

Things you all should care about:

  1. If the title of the article is the first word of the article as well, put it in bold! For example.
  1. A plain one-paragraph article is not an article. In case that you are working on this article but just started and plan to go deeper with it later, please put a note on the Workbench so that nobody will go after you fixing your work!
  1. Kanji and Kana in titles is pointless! And moreover, it makes things difficult. There is a list of romanisation/translation examples in the guideline concerning that.
  1. This is not in the guideline but still: Song titles. The general rule to follow would be: "make it as short as possible but long enough to not confuse it with another one, and always in romaji". This generally means "Title (Album)". Don't include translation of the title, year, singer, and as I said, kana or kanji.

2. Related pages

This is one of the key elements in Wiki browsing, and I'd like to foster its use as the Guideline says!

It's as easy as gathering a few (4-5) pages in relation with the aricle you're working in and placing it in the end. Those can be pages you already linked to throughout the text, or other ones you may come up with. Here is an example of an article with Related Pages.

3. Redirection!

This is not mentioned in the guidelines, yet it is a key took here. Don't forget to make redirections, and make as many redirections as necessary for each page. Voilà an example of the redirection code:

#Redirect [[Page name]]

Page name is the 'page 2' to which 'page 1' redirects. Example: Chronicle redirects to 1st Story Chronicle. If you look the content of the page Chronicle, it is just #Redirect [[1st Story Chronicle]] and nothing more.

Still, don't over-redirect. Be sure that the page you're redirecting really should be redirected. Not doing so might lead to confusion!

4. New supervisor

Since I am pretty busy and can't be at 100% in the project, I've had Defade to help me a bit with this. Basically, she now has Admin permissions and can correct/manage stuff at a higher level. Be kind with her!

That's all.

Gloria Sound Horizon Kingdom!

--Admin 20:17, 25 December 2011 (PST)

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