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The child in Hiiro no Fuusha, as seen in the art for Shounen wa Tsurugi wo...

The child in Hiiro no Fuusha is a character from the maxi-single, Shounen wa Tsurugi wo..., and the album, Roman. The village that he lives in is attacked by unknown assailants, and during the chaos, he tries to flee with his friend. Although he has no known voice actor, his song is portrayed by KAORI.



The song itself gives the child no name, although the manga identifies him as Laurencin.

A young Laurencin as portrayed in the Roman manga


Although the song itself does not give any physical description for the boy, he is shown on the album art as having blond hair and wearing a long-sleeved shirt, pants and boots.

The manga depicts him as having flaxen hair and indigo eyes. He usually wears breeches and a simple white shirt that often conceals the markings on his back, which Ciel describes as small angel wings.


The child appears in the song Hiiro no Fuusha, where the village he lives in is suddenly attacked. Carrying his most important treasure, he takes his friend's hand and flees the burning village to the relative safety of the nearest forest. There, he and his friend hold tight to each other until his friend's body is lifted into the air by one of their pursuers. The boy runs away only to regret leaving his friend behind, and promises that if they were to be born again, he would stay by her side instead.

Manga Portrayal

The manga goes with the interpretation that the boy is Laurencin. His story is discussed on Laurencin's page.



"The boy who laments the position of the weak, tossed by destiny…
Will eventually yearn for 『Power』…
Is that…a 『Shield』 to protect himself from mighty powers?
Or…a mightier『Sword』with which to suppress them?
Translation by Defade.

The most prominent theory about the child in Hiiro no Fuusha is that he is Laurencin, and that the people who attacked his village were actually the red-haired Laurant and his band. This would provide sufficient motivation for Laurencin to seek him out years later and stab him in the bar, as was shown in Miezaru Ude.

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