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The child's friend in Hiiro no Fuusha, as seen on the cover of Another Roman

The friend of the child in Hiiro no Fuusha is a supporting character from the maxi-single, Shounen wa Tsurugi wo..., and the album, Roman. She flees from her village with her friend when it is attacked by unknown assailants, but her escape is in vain. She is voiced by yukana.



She is not given a name in the songs, but the manga names her Ciel, a French word meaning "sky"[1].

As she is seen in the booklet art for Shounen wa Tsurugi wo...


She is portrayed in the CD booklets as having long, straight, dark hair. She also appears to wear a short-sleeved blouse, shorts, stockings, and boots.

The manga also shows her with straight, dark hair, although it was cut much shorter when she was a young child. She usually wears a long-sleeved blouse and a skirt, but on the night of their escape, she is only in her nightclothes. She always wears a necklace with a pendant on which her name is inscribed.


She appears in the song Hiiro no Fuusha, wherein her village is attacked one night. Her friend urges her to escape with him, and by weaving their way through the burning buildings, they run into the nearby forest. Unfortunately, she is captured by an attacker that had pursued them. Her friend flees, leaving her fate unknown.

Manga Portrayal

Ciel, as she is portrayed in the Roman manga

Her role is far more elaborate in the manga, as her story spans multiple chapters in relation with other characters. She already resides in the orphanage by the time Laurencin is left there as a baby, and successfully determines that he is scared of hands when he will not stop crying. She allows the baby to touch her face and sings him Loran's song to calm him down.

She grows up alongside Laurencin and the other children at the orphanage, being one of the few people that can approach Laurencin. Ciel does her best to help him get along with the others, and fervently expresses her desire to be a mother that can give her love and protection to children like them.

One night, their peaceful village is attacked. She flees with Laurencin, although she desperately wishes to return and help those who were left behind. However, she is captured by Flambeau, while Laurencin escapes in terror when Flambeau attempts to reach out to him. Although Laurencin feels immense guilt over leaving her behind, it is later revealed that she had encouraged him to run away, hoping that he would survive.

Flambeau offers Ciel a choice between dying right then and there, and continuing to live on only to become a toy for them. Ciel chooses to live on, and grows up to become Flambeau's lover. She bears him a child to whom she later bequeaths her pendant when she passes on while he is still young.

She is also shown briefly in the Norowareshi Houseki chapter, where a slightly older alternate version of herself is seen to be admired by Laurencin from a distance.

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