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Workbench SH Wiki Guideline Announcements and Guidelines Sandbox
Quick revision tool: The following pages may be incomplete or need revision. Eurydice, Web distributed songs (put in context).

New pages related to Halloween to Yoru no Monogatari

Pages about the new single that need to be made, and some other stuff! We need your help!

If you feel like contributing to one of these, please do! If you're not an editor but want to become one, please email me ( and provide a username.

Shall we start planning the public opening of the Wiki?

Now that there's plenty of content in the wiki (we've done an AMAZING WORK!), I think it's time to start thinking of doing some king of public opening.

First, we should make some publicity of it in facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc... and also we should at least try to make registration free to everyone, and give edition rights to all registered users. That will require a plus in revision and so.

Editor, please head to my user page to give me your views.

(We also have to plan the layout of the main page!)

Live screenshots/photos & columns

I suggest putting more live screenshots or live photos in articles! Specially in character pages, to show how a certain character is depicted in live stage. Also, it might be necessary for singer pages and live tour pages.

There are screenshots in the White Crow picasa album, in the albums LIVE photos, Meiou PV, Roman Screenshots and Triumph Screenshots.

Also, I've been trying to create a template for 2 columns and 3 columns. It may come in handy for cast lists in order to make it tidier. It should work but for some reason the verticalalign property doesn't work. Someone wants to help? the templates are template:twocol and template:threecol.

For past announcements, please see Announcements and Guidelines.

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