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Loraine de Saint-Laurent's mother. She only appears explicitly in the manga and is shown to be a warm-hearted woman and a loving mother. She is greatly admired by everyone, including the servants, and is missed dearly after her death.

Anri and Marian

They appear in the manga as Monica's friends. Their invitations are often turned down by Monica, although they do not know that it is because of her brother. Early in the chapter, Anri says that she is due to have a little brother, but he turns out to be a stillborn child, a so-called "child of winter".

At the end of the chapter, they meet Monica and her family returning from the funeral, and Monica reveals that she had a little brother all along.


The one-eyed artisan who kills the jeweler out of greed for the Reine Michèle.

Attacker in Hiiro no Fuusha

The unknown assailant that caught up with the children in Hiiro no Fuusha after their attempt at fleeing. This person captures the protagonist's friend while the protagonist manages to escape.

The manga identifies him as Flambeau, and reveals that he does not actually kill the captured girl, but keeps her as a lover with whom he later has a child with.

Auguste Laurant's Wife

The beloved wife of the famed sculptor, Auguste Laurant. She dies in childbirth, and her loss becomes the source of Auguste's grudge against their child.

The manga gives her the name Nathalie, and expounds on her story by naming her the muse and common-law wife of Auguste. Although many people believe Auguste to be a stern man, Nathalie is perhaps the only one he shows a gentler side to, and she is truly happy with him. Her pregnancy is risky, but she insists on bearing Auguste's child, wanting to name it Soleil after the sun.

She makes a cameo appearance in the Norowareshi Houseki chapter: in the alternate reality of the story, she is shown to be resting comfortably with Auguste Laurant, moments away from being awoken by their crying babe. In the 11-moji no Dengon chapter, she also mentions making a detour to a park and thanking an unnamed Monsieur, implying that she might have also met with the Savant.

Barne and Egul

They appear in the manga as two of the children in the orphanage. Despite trying to help Laurencin when he is suffering through nightmares, they do not get along too well with him due to Laurencin's dislike of being touched.

They make a brief reappearance in the alternate reality presented in Norowareshi Houseki: in this reality, they are fellow thieves of Laurencin and get along well with him.


In the manga, she is a kind-hearted caretaker at the monastery where Laurencin and Ciel are orphaned. She loves all of the children that are left at the orphanage and does her best to help them all get along. Notably, she is also aware of Laurencin's fear of hands and promises to show him only love. Ciel admires her greatly and determines to become a loving mother like her.

When the village is attacked, she sacrifices herself to protect the children and allow Laurencin and Ciel to flee.

Chloé's Friend

A manga-only character, she grows up in the same home as Chloé and takes her in later on, helping her to secure a job and a place to stay. It is implied that she was sold to work as a prostitute, but when she becomes pregnant, she is given medication to abort the baby. She expresses her wish for her child to die rather than to suffer like her. Nevertheless, she does not take any of the medicine and ends up dying to give birth to her child.


A manga-only character. He regularly checks on Étoile's eye condition, determining that her vision will gradually weaken over the years until she becomes completely blind. He also introduces Pleut to Étoile's family after her original caretaker dies.

Étoile's Father

A kind man with a disabled arm that appears in Hoshikuzu no Kawahimo. He appears to be the sole guardian of Étoile after his wife's death, and is the one who brings Pleut into the family.

In the manga, he is named Léon and is considered the same character as the gold-haired Laurant. After his wife passes away, he has to raise Étoile on his own and often shows concern for her, not only regarding her eye condition but in how he raises her and how she feels about not having a mother. Pleut is brought in as a birthday present for her so that she can learn to become more confident in herself.

Étoile's Mother

The mother of Étoile who died some time after giving birth to her. She was the one to give her the name, in hopes that the path she would walk would always shine. Towards the end of the song, Étoile dreams of walking with her as she did with Pleut.

She is named Wallonie in the manga, and is associated with the character of the gold-haired Laurant's lover. Her vocals are provided by Azumi Inoue.

Gold-haired Laurant's Lover

The lover of the gold-haired Laurant in Miezaru Ude. She becomes pregnant with his child, but chooses to leave him in order to protect their unborn baby from his drunken beatings.

The manga names her Wallonie, and also combines her character with that of Étoile's mother. Her backstory is fleshed out as a healer during the war who tends to Léon's wounds after he is discovered with his arm cut off. Although she leaves him to protect their child, they are reunited when he returns from attempting to kill Flambeau. She reappears briefly in the 11-moji no Dengon chapter where she is shown watching Léon wait out the nights outside their home while she is pregnant.

She also appears in the Miezaru Ude PV, portrayed by RIKKI.


The hook-nosed jeweler in Norowareshi Houseki, who murders the mine concierge for the Reine Michèle. He is, in turn, killed by the artisan.


A manga-only character first seen in the Honoo chapter. She is the wife of the uncle to whom Olivia and Natasha flee to after their village is burned down. When Olivia buries her son, Lia places twin dolls into the casket as part of a tradition for unborn children. She reveals that this would have been the third time she has seen such dolls, and helps Olivia to move on.

She appears again in the 11-Moji no Dengon chapter to assist at Olivia's birthing.

Loraine's Father

A count that is nearly driven into ruin by his second wife. In order to stave off ruin, he has his daughter's lover murdered and arranges her marriage to someone of power.

The manga implies that he was a less cruel man before his first wife's death. Despite his actions and his apparent tolerance of his new wife's extravagance, he appears to truly care for Loraine: part of his motive for marrying her off is wanting her to be taken care of when he is gone.

Loraine's Grandparents

Although only her Grand-père is mentioned in the song, the manga shows that they are the ones to gift Loraine with the vineyard for her birthday. Neige works under them. It is implied that they pass away while Loraine is growing up.

Loraine's Lover

A vineyard worker that becomes the lover of Loraine de Saint-Laurent. Before she is married off to someone of her father's choosing, they attempt to elope one night. However, an assassin is sent after them to retrieve Loraine, and he is murdered.

He is named Neige in the manga, and is the son of another vineyard worker named Paul. He is tasked as caretaker of the vineyard Loraine receives on her birthday and is very dedicated to his duties, although his love for Loraine causes him to accede to her request of running away. He also appears briefly in the Norowareshi Houseki chapter of the manga, where in an alternate reality, he is seen on a date with Loraine.

Loraine's Stepmother

The second wife of the count that married for a luxurious lifestyle. She appears to be quite an extravagant woman, to the point that her husband is forced to arrange his daughter's marriage in order to keep them from being driven into ruin.

In the manga, Loraine dislikes her and refuses to acknowledge her as her mother, seeing her as the reason why her father has changed so much.

She is described to wear a red jewel.


The younger brother of Monica from Utsukushiki Mono. Although he is burdened with sickness, he longs to see all the beautiful things in the world. Monica declares his "sleeping face" as the most beautiful thing in the world to her, and dedicates her song to him.

In the manga, he is shown to be a cheerful child despite his sickness, and likes the flowers and stories and songs that his sister brings him. He appears to know that he will die because of his sickness, and manages to share a song of his own with Monica before he passes away. This is the one that Monica passes down as she travels, becoming a link among many of the other characters.

Lune and Soleil

They appear in the manga as the twin children of Chloé and Tyce. They accompany their father as he returns to place Ciel's pendant on Laurencin's sword. Their names are the French words for "moon" and "sun", perhaps unwittingly fulfilling Nathalie's wish for her child's name.

Mine Concierge

The caretaker of the mine, who murders Hiver Laurant after seeing that he has unearthed a great red jewel. In turn, he is killed by the jeweler.

In the manga, he appears certain that Hiver will not find anything in the mine, but allows Hiver to send letters to Noël during his stay.

Monica's Parents

The parents of Monica and Loran who appear in the manga. They are both loving parents, but the mother, Isabelle, is forced to devote most of her time to Loran after he falls ill, thus Monica is raised mostly by her father from then on.

Later on, Isabelle breaks down from fatigue, but struggles to get back to Loran's side as soon as she can. Loran's condition takes a turn for the worse and he eventually passes away. The family is reconciled at his funeral.


Olivia's sister, who appears only in the manga. In the first chapter, she escapes from the burning village with her sister and they find refuge in their uncle's home. Outwardly, she is more distraught at her sister's loss of her son.

Natasha reappears in the 11-moji no Dengon chapter, comforting Olivia as she prepares to give birth by singing her Loran's song which the village children have taught her. When the child appears to be stillborn, she is the one to urge him back to life.


She appears in the manga as a small child who listens to Monica singing, learning of Loran's song through her. Later on, she grows up to be a caretaker at the monastery who shares the song with the children under her care.

Noël's Lover

Although he is only alluded to in the song, he appears explicitly in the manga chapter of Norowareshi Houseki as the son of the village elder. His family looked after Noël and Hiver when their parents died, and he and Noël grew close over time.

He continues to watch out for Noël in Hiver's absence, but when there are no news of her brother, he takes it upon himself to find out what might have happened. He expresses his concerns to Noël and mentions the possibility of her brother never returning, but Noël takes the news badly and shuns him. Eventually, he is forced to give up on his love for her.

Olivia's Husband

In the manga, Olivia's first husband dies protecting her and her sister so that they could flee from the burning village. He appears to bear some physical similarities to Hiver Laurant as he is shown with pale hair drawn into a ponytail.


A black dog that becomes Étoile's companion. Although Étoile has difficulty getting used to her at first, they eventually grow close and come to love each other as "sisters". With Pleut's help, Étoile gains confidence in herself and grows up well. Towards the end of the song, she sees a vision of Étoile's birth, implying that Étoile's mother may have partly been in her. In the end, Pleut passes away quietly, but not without leaving a silver-black puppy.

The manga shows her as a dog with remarkable intelligence, guiding Étoile to spend more time with her friends in the village and even "scolding" Étoile's father when Étoile grows upset. She passes away of old age.

Her part in the song is sung by Azumi Inoue.

Red-haired Laurant's Lover

Though she is not mentioned in the song, she appears in both the Miezaru Ude PV and manga chapter. From her dress, she seems to be something of a courtesan, and appears as a parallel to the gold-haired Laurant's lover who is also beaten around while her lover is in a drunken rage. She flees when Laurencin arrives to kill the red-haired Laurant.

In the PV, she is portrayed by REMI.

Red-haired Laurant's Son

The child of the red-haired Laurant in Miezaru Ude, described to have the same colored eyes as his sire. He bore witness to his father's death at the hands of Laurencin.

His story is expounded in the manga, where he is called Tyce and his mother is revealed to be Ciel. He inherits her pendant presumably at her death and only remembers her through that memento. When his father is killed in the bar, he steals Léon's sword and half-stabs Laurencin with it. Laurencin tells him to give up the sword and live his life normally, thus ending their chain of hatred and revenge.

Later on, he becomes Chloé's lover and takes her away to another town with him. After her death, he returns to Laurencin's grave with his twin children, Lune and Soleil, and places his mother's pendant around the sword.


Mentioned only by name in the manga as Hiver and Noël's late mother. She and her husband were doll makers.

Unknown Man

A mysterious man whose voice is only heard at the end of Tasogare no Savant, saying, "I have been looking for you, Christophe."

The manga attempts to provide an explanation by showing that the man is an inspector, investigating the Savant for his involvement in a homicide case where he appears to be the sole survivor. The voice is provided by Norio Wakamoto.

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