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Mother Holle, a figure originating as a goddess in Germanic mythology, appears as a secondary character in the song Sei to Shi wo Wakatsu Kyoukai no Furuido, from the album Märchen. She employs The Stepdaughter under her service, rewarding her good work with a shower of gold. When the time comes for the girl's revenge, she enacts it by sending back the lazy Stepsister covered in pitch. Her vocals are provided by Azumi Inoue.


She is depicted as an older woman with silvery white hair, wrapped in a blue cloak that is decorated with a snowflake design. When she first appears in the live, she is shown with the guise of a wizened old woman before she shows her true face and her kinder disposition. Her magic is performed with the aid of a wand with a snowflake atop, which she is always seen to be carrying.


Appearing only in the latter half of Sei to Shi wo Wakatsu Kyoukai no Furuido, she is mistress of the domain that The Stepdaughter falls into through the old well. She approaches the girl just as she has finished aiding the burning bread and ripe apples, giving her a bit of surprise with her sudden, eerie laughter. However, she is quick to show the earnest girl kindness, offering her a job working for her. In her service, the stepdaughter makes Mother Holle's bed daily. The feathers falling from the bedding cause snow to fall on earth, in accordance with the original myth. After some time has passed of the girl performing this work, she rewards her by sending her back home drenched in gold. Playing her part in the girl's revenge, she then punishes The Stepsister, who is sent down the well by The Stepmother after she sees the other daughter's success, by covering her in pitch after she fails to work her hardest.

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