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Cover art of the Story Maxi "Seisen no Iberia" (by Yokoyan)

Story Maxi Seisen no Iberia (Story Maxi 聖戦のイベリア Iberia of the Crusade) is a maxi single by Sound Horizon. It is the second single released from a major label (KING RECORDS) and it went on sale on August 1st, 2007. This is also the frist Story Maxi, meaning that it features a story told through the three songs of the single. The cast did not change from the previous release, Roman, but this single was the first to include narration in English by Ike Nelson.

While there is no official English translation of the title, the cover of the photobook Iberia (launched as a fanclub-only special photobook in 2007) coins the term Jihad of Iberia as a translation for the Japanese title.



Translation by Defade

  1. Arasoi no Keifu
  2. Ishidatami no Akaki Akuma
  3. Shinryaku Suru Mono Sareru Mono




Jimang, Rica Fukami, Ike Nelson, Nobuo Tobita.



This maxi single tells the story of the Reconquista (The successful retaking of the Iberian Peninsula from the Muslims by the Christians) by the words of an old sage named Tsadi, who tells the story to three gitana sisters who wander with him.

The center of this story is Layla, the daughter of a Muslim father and a Christian mother, who is forced to escape with no destination when both of her parents are murdered. After running barefoot looking for a safe place, she is shot by an arrow fired by a soldier and falls on a stone pavement lit up by moonlight, which happens to be the place where the Demon of Flames (that is, Shaytân) had been sealed a long time ago. The Demon awakens and makes a promise with the girl to put an end to the war.



Voice: Revo

A Demon who is said to be sent by gods to the earth in ancient times, sealed in ice. Its legacy remained through years, but no one was aware of its whereabouts.


Voice: YUUKI

Layla (meaning night in Arabic language) is the daughter of a Muslim man and a Christian woman. During the Reconquista, both of her parents are killed by their respective enemies and Layla has no choice but to run away from her home.

Master Tsadi

Voice: Jimang

The narrator of the story, who has been wandering with the three sisters for a long time heading west.

Gitana Sisters

Voice: RIKKI (Sáranda), REMI (Trín), KAORI (Enjá).

Three gypsy sisters who wander with Master Tsadi. They are the actual listeners of the story.

Holy Knight Ramirez

The head of the Iberian troops, described to be well-versed with war.


Known as the "bronze wolf", he is the fierce leader of the Moro troops.

Connection to other stories

The Sixth Goddess

In the lyrics of Arasoi no Keifu (The Origins of War), the word Destiny (Unmei) appears written as The Sixth Goddess (Rokubanme no Megami):

"Shiawase na toki hodo, daremo ga kizukanai
Hisoyaka ni haguruma mawasu no ga Rokubanme no Megami (Unmei)
Fushiawase na toki ni wa mou kizuitemo teokure
Sekai wo mushibamu naraku e otosu no mo Rokubanme no Megami (Unmei)"

In times of happiness, nobody realizes
That the one who quietly turns the wheel is destiny (lit. The Sixth Goddess)
In times of unhappiness, it’s too late to realize
That the one who sinks the world into an eroding hell is also destiny (lit. The Sixth Goddess)
From Arasoi no Keifu (The Genealogy of War), Seisen no Iberia.
Translation by Defade.

This seems to be a reference to the next album, Moira.


The single managed to get to the 8th place of the Weekly Oricon charts with 23,059 copies sold[1], and appeared in the charts a total of 23 times.

In total, it sold approximately 41,300 copies.


(Details related to the content of the single. Recording studio, sound effects, the abrupt ending, the usage of Spanish words, etc.). A comment on Revo's article about melodies for the Asahi newspaper, that covers this single, can be included.


Shaytân (Revo) and Layla (YUUKI). Ishidatami no Akeki Shaytân performed live (screenshot from the Triumph DVD)

Seisen no Iberia was first performed live during the 2nd Great Invasion of Territorial Expansion tour, which opened the 17th of August 2007, two weeks after the release of the single. The three songs of the single were commonly used as the opening of the show.

Seisen no Iberia has been often performed as a short medley that only contains the opening of Arasoi no Keifu and Shinryaku suru mono Sareru mono.

There are three DVD recordings of Seisen no Iberia. The first one is from the DVD of the Triumph Photobook, which went on sale on 2008. The second one is from the encore of the last Moira Story Concert show, January 9th 2009, which was put into the Moira Story Concert DVD. The last one is from the DVD of the Triumph of 3rd Territorial Expansion - Celebration of Revo's Inception, which went on sale later in 2009, containing footage from the two last concerts of the 3rd Territorial Expansion.

Even if YUUKI, RIKKI, KAORI and YUUKI are the official singers of the three songs, other members often take their roles during Live Tours. For example, MIKI took over RIKKI's role for these songs during 2008, since RIKKI had given birth to twins earlier that year.


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