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To-do list

Some of you may have noticed that people have been going around putting suggestions for certain articles on their talk/discussion pages. For the sake of efficiency, we're going to decide by majority vote on what to do if 3 days have passed without a single reply from the original writer of the article. If you care enough to argue your point, you care enough to formulate a reply within 3 days unless you're stuck without the internet for some reason or another.

Albums and Singles

1st Story Chronicle Ido (not sure if style is sufficient now; in big need of proofread and feedback)

2nd Story Thanatos

3rd Story Lost

1st Pleasure CD Pico Magic

2nd Pleasure CD Pico Magic Reloaded

1st Story Renewal CD Chronicle 2nd

Elysion ~Rakuen e no Zensoukyoku~

4th Story Elysion

5th Story Roman

6th Story Moira Will cite sources later when I get back home and find my Moira Memorial Issue. --Defade 13:59, 10 December 2011 (PST) I added 1 short line mentioning the Elefseya. --Admin 14:53, 15 December 2011 (PST)

7th Story Märchen Basic layout is up. Will work on themes and structures later, but in the meanwhile, it would be nice if someone could fill in the musicians section for me. Also - this applies to all the pages I have written so far(Elysion, Moira, Märchen), but could someone please find me exact statistics in terms of how many copies all of them ended up selling?'--Defade 11:03, 17 December 2011 (PST)

Shounen wa Tsurugi wo... More or less complete! --Admin 16:13, 15 December 2011 (PST)

Seisen no Iberia

Ido e itaru Mori e itaru Ido - Can someone please add some information? --Admin 07:12, 6 January 2012 (PST)


Poca Felicità Dawntodusk (All infospam for now. Did not link "Chorus: Miki" because I didn't want it to end up linking to the singer MIKI's page, in case they aren't the same person. Since it's not a story album I didn't write about structure and themes, but if required I will add.)

Kiri no Mukou ni Tsunagaru Sekai Ailia (Wrote up a bit more and uploaded the pages. I don't quite remember the details of who composed what for what tracks, if someone could add that?)

Dream Port Ailia (Infospam, please look over for accuracy. Will upload scans later.)

Live only songs Ialdabaoth Or perhaps we should change the page name to "Songs yet to be recorded/included/ in CDs"

Live verisions of existing songs

Live DVDs

Elysion~Welcome to RAKUEN PARADE

Sound Horizon Concert Tour 2006-2007 Roman

2nd Great Invasion of Territorial Expansion & Triumph

6th Story Concert "Moira"

Triumph of 3rd Territorial Expansion - Celebration of Revo's Inception

7th Story Concert "Märchen"

Concept Concerts

Elysion~Welcome to RAKUEN PARADE

Roman Live tour

Moira Live tour

Märchen Live Tour


1st Territorial Expansion Ialdabaoth (I have to look into some more things about the setlist also if someone could write a better description that would be kool thanks)

1st Territorial Expansion Extra - Live at TGS 2006

Moving Kingdom National Foundation Day - Celebration of the King's Inception Ialdabaoth (Someone come up with a better page name)

2nd Great Invasion of Territorial Expansion

Triumph of The 2nd Great Invasion of Territorial Expansion - Celebration of Major Debut 3rd Anniversary

Dream Port 2008

Animelo Summer Live 2008

3rd Territorial Expansion Ialdabaoth (Going to look up and add setlist and such. Should we keeping the main tour separate from the triumph? ) Technically, the two triumph concerts are part of the Live Tour. They should be in the tour page but it's ok if they have a separate page as well, I guess. --Admin 10:43, 12 January 2012 (PST)

Triumph of 3rd Territorial Expansion - Celebration of Revo's Inception

Celebration of Revo's Inception Holiday Special 2010

The Great Hope for the Territorial Revival

Other events

Sound Horizon Cafe

Celebration of Revo's Inception Holiday Special 2010 3D Theater Live Screening

Across the Horizon

7th Story Concert "Märchen" Theater 3D Version

Sanhora Only Gatherings


Roman Manga

Ark Manga

Shirogane no Ya (Manga based on koiuchi)

Singers, Musicians and Narrators


Other people

Yuki Kajiura

Marty Friedman

Motoi Sakuraba


Yukimaru Katsura

Story pages

Michèle Malebranche

The War of Garia

The Black Chronicle

The Sorcerer Sarabant

El and ABYSS

Hiver Laurant's story

The Jihad of Iberia

The Elefseya Ido has recently revamped the page and even included quite a few references. I believe we can consider it practically complete. --Defade 10:34, 15 December 2011 (PST) -- Kurobara (Admin) It really is well done, very good job. I might add some stuff later but that is a really good page :)

Alexey Romanovic Zvolinsky's story

März and Elisabeth

Märchen's revenge

And many other that are yet to be listed. If you think of any, please add it!

Characters and Places



Lucius, Ilia

The Black Order

White Crow

Luna Ballad

Endymio Ballad

Rosa Guine Avalon

Albers Alvarez

Saint Childebert VI





Knights of the Rose


Roberia Maria della Firenza

Giulietta Simone del Viscontie

The Witch of the Sea


Venus Laetitia


The God of Thunder

Garia < This page will include all the countries of Garia

War of Garia


The Hill of Oaths

Windermere Lake

Welkenraedt Forest


Black Chronicle


The Black Haired Girl

Michelle Mareblanche

Joseph Mareblanche

Armand Olivier


ElysLayla: done with El's page, combining what MorningandNight already wrote as well as my own ideas. Please look it over and give comments if applicable.


Girl from Ark MorningandNight Page created with general information added; will work on more soon. Feel free to comment/edit/etc.

Girl from Baroque

Girl from Yield Ido. (Done belatedly for Elysion prelude anniversary!)

Girl from Sacrifice

Girl from StarDust Hiver Laurant

Hortense and Violette Layla. (Mostly finished. Might add manga and live portrayal sections, unless all manga info is to be placed elsewhere?)



Lyon Laurant


Étoile Layla (Done with this page, please check!)


Monica Layla (Done as well~ Please check!)

Auguste Laurant

Loraine de Saint-Laurent



Shaytân Layla (Mostly finished. Possibly add section for live portrayals?)

Layla Layla (Possibly add section for live portrayals? Also, yes, the irony.)

Master Tsadi and Gitana sisters Layla (Mostly done! Please proofread?) < Shouldn't we use the term "Gitano Sisters" instead? Kurobara < I used "Gitana Sisters" in the article since that seemed to agree more with the gender, but I don't know how to change the title ;_; Layla Changed. - Defade

Holy Knight Ramirez Layla (I was actually thinking of consolidating this and the Ishaq's articles with the main album article since there isn't much information on them. What does everything think?) < How about grouping them to the page for Jihad of Iberia? Ido I agree, a lot of the characters on this page don't deserve their own page.


Thanatos Ido (Mostly finished. Not sure if myth connection or anything else is needed. Suggestion o' suggestion.)

Mu and Phi

Elefseus Ailia (Written because of bias. Please review and fix up!) Dawntodusk (added young voice, checked for spelling and grammar but unsure of some word choices.)


Leontius FantasiaInAzure (Still working on it!! But most of the article is already finished! At least the main things about Leon-chan! Proofread is needed and also some theories and character's philosphy enforcement as well!! Haha, sorry for the grammar mistakes!! >.<) Dawntodusk (edited for language and for accuracy; however more judicious use of quotations can be achieved and better editing. Perhaps a fresh pair of eyes to look it over?) Ailia(Revised some things and added a picture because pictures are nice. Feel free to voice complaints.)

Orion Ailia (Also written because of huge bias. I'm unsure of who provided his voice; if someone else could add it that'd be great.) Dawntodusk (added)

Scorpius Layla (Done!)



Arthur Michel Renfrew Admin (Kurobara) - I had to create this page even if it is a very minor character. I feel a strong attraction to this story and, in my opinion, it leaves enough references open to be taken in consideration.

Märchen von Friedhof

Elise cheetahgabriella4444 (Working in the character's name meaning, and yet to add pictures and her role) Dawntodusk (Reformatted the page to fit with the rest. Still too many quotations and references are missing. More info can probably be added)

Therese von Ludowing Meishu (This is my fault for not using this page, but I had actually already written a significant portion of her page. If you haven't started on it yet, I think it would be more time efficient for both of us if I finished what I had?) März von Ludowing


The Nun

Hänsel and Gretel and Tom Layla (Done. Please check over?)

The Country Bumpkin

The Landlady

Schneewittchen Layla (Mostly done, might have live portrayal section added. Please check theories section and give feedback?)

The Queen Layla (Mostly done, may add live portrayal section. Moved theory previously held in Schneewittchen's page to this one.)

Seven Dwarves

Idolfried Ehrenberg

Blue Prince Layla (Done for the most part.)

The Stepdaughter

The stepmother


Mother Holle

Rose Princess Layla (Done! Might just need live portrayals added later on.)



Red Prince Layla (Same note as for Nobara's page.)

The Previous Wife


The Last Wife

Elisabeth von Wettin

Elisabeth's Brother


... And maaany maaany more.

Concept pages

Cultural and historical references in Sound Horizon

Homophonic wordplays in Sound Horizon lyrics

Sound Effects

Narration in Sound Horizon

Sound Horizon Kingdom


The number 7 in Märchen

Symmetry in Ido e itaru Mori e itaru Ido and Märchen

Alternative readings in Sound Horizon lyrics

Sound Horizon's performance in Oricon Charts

Abrupt endings in Sound Horizon works

The concept of cycle in Sound Horizon

Sound Horizon: Rumours and Misconceptions


There are many many more concept pages to suggest. Please do so!

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