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Hello. I joined as an editor in 2012 but left after some disagreements and a waning interest in the wiki and in Sound Horizon. I've decided to come back to offer my help now that I'm older, though I am inexperienced working with the wiki. I'm mostly well-versed in Elysion and Roman, so I plan on sticking to these two areas. I run a youtube channel and tumblr dedicated to Sound Horizon. Please be kind, and help me to learn and do better. I am trying my best to stick to current formats I'm finding in similar pages, but my style of writing/summarizing/etc. may differ and I hope we can work together to create the best possible page with as much information as possible. Thank you for visiting! Contact me with questions, comments, concerns, etc. I don't really plan on doing a whole lot; just a little here and there.

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