A few days ago, Joelle made a post in her personal blog announcing the following:

“Those who read the article on the Akita Sakigake newspaper last September 2nd might already know this, but my husband Clinton and I are planning to move to his motherland, New Zealand, this autumn (October-November).”

According to the blog post, Joelle and Clinton adopted a child in February. Right after came the eartquake, tsunami, and radioactivity issues, so they started pondering the possibility of raising their child in New Zealand, where Clinton was born.


“This doesn’t mean I will just stop working. If the timing’s right, I will leap back to Japan whenever I have to. The best would be to focus activity in a fixed period of time.”

“This is not ‘Goodbye’. […] Singing is one of my most treasured things in life, so I can’t simply detatch from it.”

In other words, Joelle is leaving Japan in a few weeks.

Even if she states that she wants to continue working as a singer, this news sound pretty much like Joelle won’t be in Sound Horizon anymore. Fortunately, we are kind of used to singers coming and going in Sound Horizon, but Joelle will surely be missed.

Joelle, we wish you best of luck in New Zealand!

《Triumph of 1st Revival Tour》will be in ZEPP Sendai!


If deciding to do the Triumph concert of this year’s tour in Sendai wasn’t enough of a surprise, now we know that it won’t be anything like a regular live concert.

  • The entrance ticket will be FREE (but the consumption of 1 drink, 500 yen, is compulsory)
  • The hall can only host up to 1,500 people, so there will be a lottery to choose the 1,500 lucky ones from all the applicants.
  • Laurants from the Tohoku prefecture will have priority to get a ticket. Moreover, Fanclub members from Tohoku will directly get a ticket without having to enter the draw.
  • All 14 singers from this tour will be attending the show. However, there will be no musicians, nor narrators.
  • The format will be Live/Talk show, and it will be 90 minutes long.
  • Each applicant can request one song from a list, and that’s how they’ll compose the setlist.
  • It is being considered to make two shows on the same day.

That’s it. God knows what will come out of this show! But -at least me- I can’t wait to read reports from this show once it takes place.

Hats off to Revo!