Hiver is currently in: Vancouver, Canada (Stage 12)

This year 2012, overseas Laurants will embark in a new challenge.
Our new project, brought up in the forum a few months ago, will consist of literally sending Hiver Laurant in search for his Roman all around the world. How are we going to make it, you ask?

The project will require the cooperation of a large number of people willing to ‘host’ Hiver in each one’s country. And by Hiver we mean a fantastic doll made by two of our Laurants in the forum (check The Present!). We will send off the doll from country to country, having previously made a schedule of the route, and each host will have to:

- Take the doll to a near landmark or notable place
- Take a photo of hiver in that place
- Send us the photo by e-mail
- Send the doll by mail to the next host

Thus, after a few months, Hiver will have completed its voyage around the world, and we’ll make a photo album with all the photos to prove it. Once we’ve completed the voyage, the doll and the album will be sent in a fancy package to the Sound Horizon office in Japan, along with a letter in which the project is introduced and explained.

This is the biggest project we’ve been into so far, and we’ll need the commitment of many many Laurants to accomplish it, so we all hope you are interested in becoming a host and join Sound Horizon Around The World!

Although there is not an ending date set to this project, we plan to have it completed at some point between Sound Horizon's Major Debut 8th Anniversary (October 27th) and the year 2013. The following is (a rough version of) our schedule:

Step Date
Application period March 30th to April 13th
Annoucement of the roadmap April 20th
Hiver's world trip May 2012 to December 2013
Delivery to Sound Horizon Pending

* Application period

First of all, we'll need to know how many people is interested in taking part. Because this project can't take forever, and it needs a pretty big deal of commitment from everyone inside, the number of participants will be limited to 50 during this first part. An additional recruitment might be done later.

[Application period closed!]

* Announcement of the roadmap

Once we've recieved all the applications, we'll sketch a roadmap in which we'll put all the steps of Hiver's voyage in order. We'll do that according to proximity between countries and each participant's preference in terms of month.

PHASE 1 - Check the provisional schedule here.
PHASE 2 - Coming soon.

* Hiver's world trip

Hiver will be travelling the world for approximately 10 months before it reaches Japan. In each place, Hiver will be taken a photo in front of a landmark or notable spot of each place, and each photo will be put inside a folder that will travel along with Hiver. Each participant will have to afford the price of postal service to send the doll to the next participant.

Stage Place Host Status Period
Finland Chiheisen no Hikari Making of the doll 02/19 to 03/26
Spain TsubasaNoYoru Starting point 03/26 to 05/08
Spain Kurobara Travelling 05/10 to 05/12
USA Erynn (towards.eternity) Travelling 05/22 to 05/28
USA Kita On'Nanoko Travelling 06/07 to 06/19
USA Koeji Travelling 06/28 to 07/10
USA Allenby Travelling July
08 Canada Calvin Ung Ung Travelling August

* Delivery to Sound Horizon

Once Hiver has completed his voyage, he will be finally sent to Japan, concretely to the Sound Horizon office, along with a letter that will give details about this project. The doll is expected to reach Japan at sometime between Revo's Birthday and the Sound Horizon Major Debut 8th Anniversary.




Participating is pretty easy, but it will require everyone’s commitment so that this project can be completed. Let’s refresh some stuff:

You can apply for participation from 03/30 to 04/13 of this year.
Once the application period is over, we’ll get in touch for confirmation.
You’ll be assigned a period (one week or so) in which you’ll be expected to receive the doll. You’ll receive it from the person before you in the schedule, so you’ll have to provide a postal address to that person.
One you receive the doll and the album, you have to take it to a landmark or notable place (it’s 100% up to you!) and take a photo of Hiver in that place.
Once you have taken the photo, you'll have to send the doll to the host who is next in the schedule (he/she will personally provide you a postal address)
And that’s all!

If you think you will be able to do this job at some point between May and December of this year 2012, you can apply by following these steps:

Send an e-mail to

Include the following in the e-mail:

  • Name or username
  • Country and city
  • Valid e-mail account for contact
  • Expected period of availability to participate (whether you’ll be only able to receive the doll and take the photo in June, or July, or anytime between April and August, or anytime from April to October, or anytime except from July…)
  • Contact data (twitter, facebook, tumblr) *optional
  • Landmark or place to take the photo (just for curiosity, and it is optional if you haven’t come up with anything yet)
We’ll get back to you with a few more instructions.
Once you have it all completed, we’ll send you an e-mail a few days later letting you know when you’ll be expected to receive the package.

For any inquiries and doubts, please write to