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10 Reasons why The Assorted Horizons also deserves a 10-Reasons post.

10 Reasons why The Assorted Horizons also deserves a 10-Reasons post.

Because, why not? The Assorted Horizons has been around for about a month now, but it is never too late to celebrate its awesomeness with a cheesy 10-Reasons-Post. 1. Because we know that Halloween to Yoru no Monogatari alone made the whole DVD/BluRay worth it. Who recalls the days when... »

Revo “Sound Horizon is coming back this year”

Revo has just been interviewed on a radio show called MC Plus of Japan Broadcasting Station (AM 1242) as part of the promotion for the new Linked Horizon single, Jiyuu e no Shingeki. During this interview, Revo has said, quoting, that “Sound Horizon will be active again during the present... »

Revo donates JPY 10,000,000 to the Japanese Red Cross!

Last week, it was announced by the Imperial Household Agency that Revo had personally donated a total amount of JPY 10,000,000 (about 120,000 US$) from the revenue of the Sound Horizon 2011 Live Tour to the Japanese Red Cross, in order to contriubte to the Earthquake and Tsunami relief. Actually,... »

Sound Horizon leaves KING RECORDS

Today, October 6th, it has been announced from the Imperial Household Agency that Revo and Sound Horizon are not part of KING RECORDS anymore. Since October 1st 2011, Sound Horizon belongs to the record label PONY CANYON. Sound Horizon made its major debut seven years ago in BELLWOOD RECORDS, a... »

Joelle leaves Japan + Triumph concert in Sendai

A few days ago, Joelle made a post in her personal blog announcing the following: “Those who read the article on the Akita Sakigake newspaper last September 2nd might already know this, but my husband Clinton and I are planning to move to his motherland, New Zealand, this autumn (October-November).”... »

Happy birthday, Revo!

Today, June 19th of 2011, is Revo’s Birthday! Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a Birthday concert this year (as it was already announced on last year’s Birthday Concert) but there is still a long Live Tour to come this summer 🙂 We wish Revo the best of luck in the coming... »

Revo’s post about the earthquake in Japan

UPDATE: Due to the rotational blackouts scheduled in Tokyo during these weeks, the Sound Horizon Cafe has been cancelled. It will be rescheduled as soon as possible. Moreover, Revo’s stage greetings at TOHO Cinemas in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka have been put off until further notice. Revo posted the following... »