"Everyone, have you seen this video?

This is an English version of the Sound Horizon Kingdom Anthem "The Glory Kingdom" sung by a group of 100 Laurants from overseas.

There is no doubt that our fellows are not only in Japan, but all around the world, and there is so many people moved by their feelings.

Now, people from the Sound Horizon International Fansite have gotten into work again, and have started a project to gather voices from all over the world and make a chorus of the song "Revive" to be sent as a present to Sound Horizon on the occasion of the Triumph Concert in Sendai and the Major Debut 7th Anniversary."

Kira Laurant, All Laurant Project.

This time, however, International Laurants will be pairing up with Japanese Laurants for the first time in order to produce a greater present, one that will connect both worlds for once.

This is the first collaborative project between Laurants from Japan and overseas.

The project for the Revive Laurant Chorus aimed to international Laurants is already in process, and the deadline for submissions is September 20th.

In Japan, we'll start gathering voices widely for two weeks starting September 25th.

Once we've all gathered all the voices, we'll make a mix of it to upload it to YouTube and NicoNico.

Additionally, we'll be doing a collaborative poster made from photos of all laurants in a certain pose to go along with the Chorus present.

Then, we'll send it to Sound Horizon as a Major Debut 7th Anniversary Present.

Scroll down for more info on how to participate!

This is a unique chance for Laurants from all over the world to connect for once! We hope to get all the effort from you.

Everyone can participate in either of both parts of the project!
Click the banners for more information!

* Note that the Chorus Part of this project is managed as a separate project by White Crow.

However, everyone can join the Photo project.

For overseas Laurants, any questions or doubts related to the Chorus project and the Photo project
that you may have should be sent to the following email address:


We'll do our best to answer as soon as possible.

"Ah, that's why we all have to spread seeds of prayer all around
No matter how far apart we are

There is one place we love and are proud of
Our feelings are connected through songs."

This project has been born as if guided by those lyrics.
Our homeland will always be inside our hearts,
and we are about to prove that our feelings are connected through songs.

Now is the chance for all Laurants to become one. Everyone, please bring us your strength.

Now, let's build up this never-before-seen product,
and send to Sound Horizon (and specially Revo) all our gratitude and loving!

This project has been leaded and organized by White Crow and All Laurant Project.
The "Revive" Laurant Chorus from White Crow is a project led by Ailia.