Request your copy of the book Sound Horizon and You.

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We are creating a book (a memorial issue, in Sound Horizon terms) in collaboration with all the Laurants who signed up to be part of the project. We hope this ambitious project will help bring the fansite together and serve as a memento of our shared love for the Fantasy Band.

If you are one of the Laurants who signed up for the project and have completed the First and Second task, you will get a copy of the book for free.

* Remember that, in order for us to send you the book, you will need to provide a postal address.


Production costs of the book will be covered by the White Crow fansite. However, we are open to donations from anyone who wants to support shipment costs, which will most certainly exceed our budget. If you can make a donation and want to, please let us know.

Questions and Answers

Q: How are you going to pay for these books?
A: We at the White Crow fansite have links to products to buy on CDJapan. When someone makes a purchase on CDJapan after accessing the site via one of this links, we receive a commission of 5%. This is how we pay for our domain names and maintenance of the website and forum. Because lots of people bouth The Assorted Horizons and Vanishing Starlight, we know have some extra money which will pay for 90% of production costs.

Q: Why do you need donations?
A: To pay for sending one book to each participant. We told ourselves this project would have no cost to the participants, so anyone who completes the two first tasks can get a book if requested. Donations will be vital to make sure we can send one copy to each participant as quick as possible.

Q: I want to donate. How? How much? Do I get anything?
A: If you donate $5, you will be supporting the shipment your own book plus another person's. Bigger donations are more than welcome. Those who make donations will receive the book before the rest. You will also have a special personal mention in a section of the book. Donations can be made through PayPal or to a bank account via TransferWise. More details in our confirmation email.

Q: How many books are you going to have printed?
A: We do not know yet, and this is why we need you to fill in the form below. We are expecting about 120 to 130 copies.

Q: Can you tell us more about the book?
A: We can't disclose details about its content, but we can tell you it will be a bound book - High quality binding, just like real books! It will be a thin paperback book in A5 size.

Q: What kind of book is it? Will it be all in English?
A: You will find out for yourself. However, we can say it won't be a wordy book. Definitely not a novel. It will be in English for the most part, but not 100%.

Q: Will my name be on the book? Will my contributions be used as part of the content of the book?
A: Yes and yes.


Please fill in the form below if you want us to save you a copy of the book: