Hello everyone, this is Kurobara from White Crow.

After a few months of hard work, the first collab project between Laurants of all over the world has come to an end, and an extremely successful one.

Our project, managed as part of the annual All Laurant Project to Sound Horizon, consisted in the production of a collective chorus version of the song "Revive", the Opening Theme of the Sound Horizon 1st Revival Tour.

This is the final result, which features the voices of 210 Laurants.

The second part of our project was the creation of a collage poster using photos of all of us, all in the same pose: With our right hand closed in a fist, over our chest.

This is the final result, seasoned with the phrase "All Laurants pray Revive!":

Kira Laurant, the overall manager of this collab project and leader of the All Laurant Project, sent a package with the whole present to each and every of the 31 musicians, singers and staff of the 2011 Revival Tour on October 27th, and all of them have been delivered safely.

And this concludes the "White Crow & All Laurant Project" collab project.

It has been amazing to see how many people was willing to take part and make an effort to show their gratefulness to Sound Horizon, and once more it has been proved that all Laurants, no matter how far apart they are, are bonded through songs.

Thousands of thanks to Kira Laurant, the manager of the All Laurant Project, who brought up the idea of making a collab project between Japan and overseas for this year's 7th Anniversary.

Thanks to Ailia from the Sound Horizon International Forum, who patiently dealt with the recruitment and mixing of the submissions for the Revive Chorus from overseas.

Thanks to Ma3 and Gukko who gladly helped out from Japan.

Thanks to all the people from White Crow, the Korean SH Fansite and all the Laurants from Japan who bothered to take part in this adventure!

Gloria Sound Horizon Kingdom.


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