Our diggers are working full-time to have the fansite 100% active very soon!

It’s time to make some report of the latest updates. While the site is still in medium speed, we’re doing some inprovement!

  • Lyrics & Translation is up! divided in two different pages. The Lyrics will be directly provided by Kadou from aza:eri soon, and most of the translations are up now!
  • The History page has been renewed! It is not made with bullet points anymore, but just text. It is missing some photos, but that will come soon.
  • The Other page is now complete, with the non-CD non-DVD releases of Sound Horizon.
  • The Magazine & Press page is now working, and new translated press stuff will be uploaded soon!

Additionally, don’t forget to check our new IRC Channel! It’s #Sound Horizon @Rizon. If you don’t know how to use IRC, click the upper-right banner 🙂

Finally, we have ‘webclap‘. That’s the thing at the bottom of each post. You can click it if you want, so I’ll know that you read the post and liked it ^^ and you’ll see an amusing ‘Thank you’ SH-related image.

You know your ID won’t let you leave without clapping before… =) →