Live performances are a very important part of Sound Horizon’s music. Also known as “Fantasy Story Music”, it is on the stage that it reaches its maximum expression, merging music, image and theater into one.

There are two kinds of live performances. “Concerts” are shows in which the story of an Album is played, using all kinds of elements like scenography, actors, dancers andcostumes designed especially for the occasion. Due to their complexity, concerts are normally played only in Tokyo. “Live Tours” are concerts performed in different cities around Japan where songs from all their releases, even doujin ones, are performed. Those tours are called “Invasions of Territorial Expansion”, and when a tour ends, a final concertcalled Triumph, normally divided into 2 days, takes place in Tokyo, conmemorating the sucessful return of the “troops”.

There is also one more type of concert called the Birthday Event (or the Celebration of Revo’s Inception) in which the band celebrates the birthday of its leader, although this concert usually takes place with the Triumph (such as the ones from 2007 and 2009).

7th StoryConcert “Märchen” ~Kimi ga ima waratte iru, mabayui sono jidai ni…~

  • Yokohama (22 Dec.)
  • Yokohama (23 Dec.)
  • Yokohama (25 Dec.)
  • Yokohama (26 Dec.)
  • Tokyo (29 Dec.)
  • Tokyo (30 Dec.)
  • Yokohama (13 Jan.)
  • Yokohama (14 Jan.)

Yokohama venue: Pacifico Yokohama Big Hall.
Tokyo venue: Tokyo International Forum Hall A.

Singers & voices Attending: Märchen von Friedhof, Ceui, Chinatsu Ishii, Jimang, Joelle, Kanami Ayano, Kazuki Kiriyama, MIKI, Mikuni Shimokawa, Minami Kuribayashi, Remi, Sascha, Sayumi Kobayashi, Tomoyo Kurosawa, Yume Suzuki, Azumi Inoue, Akio Ohtsuka, Yutaka Abe, Makai Kinoshita.

Musicians attending: Takeshi Nishiyama (Guitar), YUKI (Guitar), Atsushi Hasegawa (Bass), Ryuichi Katsumata (Keyboard), Kyoko Ishigame (1st Violin), Machi Okabe (2nd Violin), Hyojin Kim (Viola), Maiko Sato (Cello), Choi Song Il (Solo violin), JUN-JI (Drums), Ken-Ken (Drums), Akihiro Tabuchi (Manipulator).

Celebration of Revo’s Inception: Holiday Special 2010

  • Tokyo (19 Jun.)
  • Tokyo (20 Jun.)

Venue: Yoyogi National Gymnasium

Singers attending: Revo, REMI, MIKI, Joelle, KAORI, YUUKI, Mari Endo, Jimang, Ike Nelson, Akio Ohtsuka, Minami Kuribayashi (06/19), Azumi Inoue (06/19), RIKKI (06/20), Rica Fukami (06/20).

Musicians attending: Shingo “Jake” Saito (Guitar), Marty Friedman (Guitar), JUN-JI (Drums), Ken-Ken (Drums), Atsushi Hasegawa (Bass), Motoi Sakuraba (Keyboard), Eiji Kawai (Keyboard), Kyoko Ishigame (Violin), Machi Okabe (Violin), Mikiyo Kikuchi (Viola), Maiko Sato (Cello), Tomotaka Saka (Manipulator).

These two concerts were the yearly “Celebration of Revo’s Inception”, which takes place on Revo’s birthday and the day after. The second day of the event was screened live in 3D at many TOHO cinemas all over Japan.

Place Day Hall
Yokohama March 21sr Yokohama BLITZ
Yokohama March 22nd Yokohama BLITZ
Sendai April 3rd ZEPP Sendai
Sapporo April 5th ZEPP Sapporo
Tokyo April 9th ZEPP Tokyo
Tokyo April 10th ZEPP Tokyo
Fukuoka April 12th ZEPP Fukuoka
Osaka April 18th ZEPP Osaka
Osaka April 19th ZEPP Osaka
Nagoya April 25th ZEPP Nagoya
Nagoya April 26th ZEPP Nagoya
Tokyo May 2nd JCB HALL
Tokyo May 3rd JCB HALL
Tokyo (Triumph concert) June 26th NHK HALL
Tokyo (Triumph concert) June 27th NHK HALL

Singers & Voices attending: Revo, KAORI, YUUKI, REMI, MIKI, Mari Endo, Haruka Shimotsuki, Minami Kuribayashi, Jimang, Ike Nelson, RIKKI, Rica Fukami, Azumi Inoue, Akio Ohtsuka. Only 3 female vocals in each live, except the 2 triumph concerts.

Musicians attendance: Shingo “Jake” Saito (Guitar), Atsushi Hasegawa (Bass), Eiji Kawai (Keyboard), Kyoko Ishigame (Violin), Machi Okabe (Violin), ?? (Viola), Maiko Sato (Cello).

Place Day Hall
Tokyo September 11th, 2008 JCB HALL
Tokyo September 13th, 2008 JCB HALL
Tokyo September 14th, 2008 JCB HALL
Tokyo September 15th, 2008 JCB HALL
Tokyo September 17th, 2008 JCB HALL
Tokyo September 18th, 2008 JCB HALL
Tokyo January 7th, 2009 JCB HALL
Tokyo January 8th, 2009 JCB HALL
Tokyo January 9th, 2009 JCB HALL

Singers & Voices attending: Revo, KAORI, YUUKI, REMI, MIKI, Mari Endo, Haruka Shimotsuki, Takashi Utsunomiya, Yoshimi Iwasaki, Minami Kuribayashi, Azumi Inoue.

Musicians attending: Shingo “Jake” Saito, Eiji Kawai, Atsushi Hasegawa, KenKen, Kyoko Ishigame,