There are some songs in Sound Horizon that have only been played live, and never made into a studio record. Also, there are lots of doujin era songs that have been rendered by new singers in stage, but never in studio.

Here you can find some audio rips of these songs, taken directly from the live DVDs.

Triumph of Territorial Expansion III. The Celebration of Revo’s Inception (06.26 & 06.27)

Triumph~2nd Great Invasion of Territorial Expansion

  • Koibito ni Uchiotosareta Hi (Revo, YUUKI)
  • Raijin no Keifu (Revo, REMI, YUUKI)

  • Elysion~Welcome to Rakuen Parade!

    • Yakusoku no Oka (Aramary, Jimang)
    • Koibito wo Uchiotoshita Hi (Aramary)