In this section you will find translations of articles, reports or interviews in which Sound Horizon is featured.

Fuji evening edition Feature @ Revista COMUNICA

Publication: 12/21/2011
Magazine: COMUNICA (online)

Length: 3 pages.
Content: feature, album review.

★ Translation not available

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Original language: Spanish.

Summary: Sound Horizon’s first appearance in an actual Spanish-language magazine. Contains an introduction to the band and an approach to the four main major works: Elysion, Roman, Moira and Märchen.

FOOL'S MATE LIVE Report @ FOOL’S MATE December 2011
Publication: 12/15/2011
Magazine: FOOL’S MATE

Length: 2 pages.
Content: live report.

★ Translation not available

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Original language: Japanese.

Summary: First full-length LIVE report of the 2011 Revival Tour, mostly centered in the two Yokohama concerts that took place in September.

Fuji evening edition Live review @ Fuji evening edition (newspaper)

Publication: 07/09/2011
Newspaper:Fuji Evening edition (Sankei shimbun)

Length: 1 page.
Content: review.

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Original language: Japanese.
Translation: Kurobara.

Summary: One of the first appearances of Sound Horizon in mainstream media. Columnist Hiromi Nakamoto attends a SH live for the first time, and writes about his impressions.

Kera nº150 Neotypo ← FOOL’S MATE July 2011 (nº357)

Publication: 05/30/2011
Magazine: FOOL’S MATE

Length: 5 pages (4 pages interview)

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Original language: Japanese.
Translation: Defade, Kurobara.

Summary: Sound Horizon has been on FOOL’S MATE July 2011 as the first feature of the irregular sub-section “Neotypo”. Revo is asked about his process of creation, the importance of worldviews and the 2011 live tour among other things.

Kera nº150 Anison Mate #01

Publication: 03/09/2011
Magazine: Anison Mate

Length: 7 pages
Content:Cover featrure, interview.

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Original language: Japanese.
Translation: Defade.

Summary: FOOL’S MATE has launched a new spin-off magazine dedicated to anisong music. The first issue of the magazine features an interview to Revo

Kera nº150 Anican-R #105 Dedicated to Sound Horizon

Publication: 03/02/2011
Magazine: Anican R Entertainment Newspaper

Length: Unknown  (all its content)
Content:Article, interview, report.

Original language: Japanese.
Translation: Pending.

Summary: After appearing many times in Anican R-Music, Sound Horizon has finally got an Anican R number dedicated to it. This newspaper-like magazine contains a monographic about the 7th Story CD and Concert, including a 7000 character long interview to Revo.

Kera nº150 Article & Interview to Revo @ Oricon BiZ Online

Publication: 02/10/2011
Website: Oricon BiZ Online

Length: 2 pages.
Content:Article, interview.

Original language: Japanese.
Translation: Pending.

Summary: This web magazine dedicated to artists from the Oricon charts has recently published an article on its ‘Biz Recommends’ section, in which the essence of Sound Horizon’s world is explained, regarding its sales achievements as well. It also includes a short interview to Revo.

Quick Japan nº93 7th StoryConcert report @ HOTTRACKS Korea #53

Issue: February 2011 (53rd)
Magazine: HOTTRACKS (free magazine)

Length: 2 pages.
Content:LIVE report.

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Original language: Korean.
Translation: HIS MASK.

Summary: This issue of the free Korean magazine HOTTRACKS features a report of the 7th StoryConcert tour, which took place between December 2010 and January 2011. The article also contains some photos of the live performance.

Kera nº150 Interview to Revo @ KERA #150Issue: January 2011 (150th)

Magazine: KERA (Japan)
Length: 2 pages.
Content: Interview.

Original language: Japanese.
Translation: Pending.

Summary: The January issue of this fashion magazine includes an interview to Revo in which he talks about the new album “Märchen”, the StoryConcerts, and all the costumes, setting and styling involved in its creation.

Quick Japan nº93 Sound Horizon featured @ QUICK JAPAN #93Issue: December 2010 (93rd)

Magazine: QUICK JAPAN.
Length: 36 pages.
Content:Article, interview, report.

Original language: Japanese.
Translation: Kurobara, pianohtoaster, Defade.

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Summary: The 93rd issue of Quick Japan had Sound Horizon as its second feature and back cover, and contained a 36-page long article about its musical style and its place inside the Japanese industry, an interview to Revo, a report about the Holiday Special 2010 concerts, short interviews to Marty Friedman, Kanami Ayano, Mikuni Shimokawa, Yokoyan, self liner notes of each SH album, an interview to the SH fan and AKB40 member Mayu Watanabe, and a report of the last fanclub event (November 2010).

Newtype korea July 2010 issue Interview to Revo @ NEWTYPE Korea magazine.Issue: July 2010

Magazine: NEWTYPE (Korean edition)
Length: 4 pages – 2100 words
Content:Interview, Report.

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Original language: Korean.
Translation: HIS MASK.

Summary: Sound Horizon made its first official trip overseas to Korea, for the opening of the Korean Salon de Horizon fanclub, and a promotion event for the recently published korean-licensed Sound Horizon Albums. In this interview, Revo is asked about his vision of Korea, SH’s future, the recently released Prologue Maxi, and his work as a composer and writer. Additionally, Revo confirmed in this interview that the bonus track of Seisen no Iberia DOES exist, even if nobody has been able to solve the riddle to get it.

Asahi Newspaper Revo’s columns for the Asahi NewspaperIssue: February 26th; March 12th, 26th.

Newspaper: Asahi Shimbun (Evening edition)

Length: 3 columns – 450 words each.
Content:Column about composition.

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Original language: Japanese.
Translation: Kurobara.

Summary: Revo wrote three columns for a section of the Asahi Newspaper called “Ongakujin File”. In these three columns, Revo talked about the usage of three basic elements of music -Rythm, Melody and Harmony- in his works of composition, and how they define his concept of ‘Story Production’.