Welcome to the new Sound Horizon International Fansite, or White Crow!

After some months of working for this update, now we can say we have a decent, php-based, and much more comfy fansite for us, SH overseas fans.

Some sections are still empty or incomplete, but not for long. Also, some changes in the menu structure will happen (i.e. I’ll be posting part of the stuff from the Compendium to the ‘Media’ category) and I’ll try to make this website as useful as possible ^^.

Thanks to Keranha and the Canta Per Me staff for offering me their hosting space (we’re their tenants now!)

Thanks to Sudrien for having arranged this beautiful template, and having helped out with all the issues and doubts.

Thanks to Aozora210 for helping me fill the contents of the fansite!

Thanks to everyone for sticking around!

Enjoy the new fansite.

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