This month, Revo has been interviewed for the February issue of the japanese fashion magazine KERA, where he’s been asked about the new album, the Story Concert and the stage outfits designed ad hoc.

Also, a report on the 7th Story Concerts has been featured in this month’s edition of the free Korean magazine HOTTRACKS. The report includes some photos of Märchen and Elize, Joelle, Tomoyo and REMI on stage. Enjoy!

KERA magazine HOTTRACKS magazine

Thanks to Feggari-san and for the lovely scans!

Sound Horizon Cafe 2011

It has been confirmed that this year’s Cafe won’t be in an open square, but in an event space. Concretely, it will be at the Roppongi TV Asahi umu EVENT SPACE. Who knows, maybe TV Asahi will do some report on the Cafe in TV!

Clap if you were also dying to see Tomoyo and REMI in their outfits! →