As it has just been announced at the Imperial Household Agency, the upcoming DVD “Sound Horizon 7th Story Concert 「Märchen」 ~ Kimi ga ima waratte iru, mabayui sono jidai ni… ~” will be in theaters, screened in 3D before its release.

This means that we’ll possibly have to wait a bit more until the DVD Release, but everyone (in Japan) who didn’t manage to attend the live will be able to see it in 3D!

Ah…if only they could bring it overseas…

Sound Horizon Cafe

It has been confirmed that this year there will be a Sound Horizon Cafe, like in 2010. The place hasn’t been set yet, but it will be longer that last year’s: from March 17th to April 13th! Too  bad this is nothing but awesome stuff we can’t enjoy.

Let’s wait for hilarious Märchen-themed dishes, and -who knows- some surprises!

7th Story “Märchen” is GOLD!

the Recording Industry Association of Japan has published this month’s list of sales certificates, and Märchen is there!

Gold Certificate

It has been awarded with the “GOLD” certificate. This means that the new album Märchen managed to sell over 100,000 copies during these two months. That is an absolute TRIUMPH! Congratulations Sound Horizon.

List of encores from the 7th StoryConcerts

For those who don’t check the forum regularly, this is the list of encores that took place during the Story Concert tour:

  • 12/22: Aohige to Watashi no Sekai (The World of Bluebeard and I),
    (version of Rein no Sekai by Minami Kuribayashi, Chinatsu Ishii and Akio Ohtsuka.)
  • 12/23: Meru no Ehon [Kuroki Okami to Parade] (März’s Picture Book [The Black Landlady and the Parade]),
    (version of Fuefuki Otoko to Parade by REMI and Jimang.)
  • 12/25: Asa to Yoru no Märchen (The Fairytale of Morning and Night)
    (version of Asa to Yoru no Roman by Hiver Laurant, Ceui, Inoue Azumi, Chinatsu Ishii and MIKI.)
  • 12/26: Meru no Ehon [Majo to Lafrenze] (März’s Picture Book [The Witch and Lafrenze]),
    (version of Majo to Lafrenze by Mikuni Shimokawa, MIKI, Azumi Inoue and Yume Suzuki.)
  • 12/29: Nitehi naru Arasoi no Keifu (The Origins of the Counterfeit War),
    (version of Arasoi no Keifu by Tomoyo Kurosawa, MIKI, Yume Suzuki and Jimang.)
  • 12/30: Kowareta Marionette (Broken Marionette),
    (version of Kowareta Marionette by Kanami Ayano, MIKI, Kazuki Kiriyama and Sayumi Kobayashi.)
  • 01/13: Koibito to yobu mae ni Chi ni otosareta Hi (The Day I was shot down before I could be called his/her Lover)
    (version of Koibito wo Uchiotoshita Hi by Joelle and Märchen von Friedhof.)
  • 01/14: Umi wo Watatta Conquistadores to Yukai na Nakamatachi (The Conquerors who went across the sea and their joyful fellows),
    (version of Umi wo Watatta Conquistadores by Idolfried Ehrenberg and his joyful fellows.)

Also, a version of Chou-Juu-Ryoku (Super High Gravity) was played every day, and Revo played a piano version of the Märchen theme during the 01/13 show.

Clap, and the release date of Märchen DVD will be brought forward 1 day! =) →