Oh no, they did it again!

Yesterday, we were all surprised by the appearance of a new mysterious page related to SH. This time, though, the page is hosted under Pony Canyon’s domain, and seems to bear some relation with Revo’s birthday, which will be on June 19th. The button that brings to the mysterious page from the official site says It begins here, as you can see avobe, and the page is titled Revo’s Legendary BirthDay.

The page contains a countdown that is suspected to end on June 11th. So, what will this eventually turn out to be? A special event on Revo’s birthday? (Not a live concert for sure!), information on a possible new release?


The re-release of Elysion LIVE DVD won’t feature unpublished photos

A recent update on KING RECORDS’s page let us know that the re-release of the Elysion LIVE DVD, scheduled to go on sale on July 25th, will not feature the unpublished photos it was said to feature when announced.

A strange note on the SH Archives page may lead us to think that KING RECORDS has been asked to make this change by someone else. Could it be, perhaps, that Aramary forced the label to not include these photos?

You can still buy this Encore Press Version of the Elysion LIVE DVD in CDJapan!