Today, coinciding with Revo’s birthday, was the day of the big announcement. It has been done in a place somewhere in Minato (Tokyo) where 30 selected people were called to go and spread the news.

This is what we got:

Bravely Default

As it had been rumoured, Revo will be doing the music for the Square Enix 3DS game “Bravely Default: Flying Fairy”, which will come out later this year. There will be 60 tracks, and the actual soundtrack will be released in 2013.

New project “Linked Horizon”

From now on, Revo’s works in collaboration with other people will be under the name of “Linked Horizon”. This new unit will be also under the Pony Canyon label.

New Single by Linked Horizon in 08/22

The first release by Revo in Pony Canyon will be a single that is coming out on August 22nd. It will be called Luxendark Shokikou (meaning Luxendark’s small diaries) and it will bear a connection with the videogame Bravely Defauly: Flying Fairy.

New Album by Linked Horizon in 09/19

An album will also be released, roughly a month after the single, and will bear a connection to it in the same way that Märchen and Ido e itaru Mori e itaru Ido did, as it seems. The album will be called Luxendark Daikokou (meaning Luxendark’s big Diaries).

LIVE at Yokohama Arena in November!

There will be a live concert, presumabily based on the music from the upcoming maxi single and album, at the Yokohama Arena venue, in November.

Some of the musicians for the single have been announced, but there list of singers hasn’t been released yet.