The first Sound Horizon Gathering in Singapore took place last July 16th at the Yio Chu Kang Community Center! And it turned out to be a great scucess 🙂 Here you have a brief report on the activities of the gathering:

Mission (main game)

The aim was to complete a total of 8 mini games from all the Marchen characters and get the 8 roman codes from them. Then, each player had to find the Roman chart and decipher the message and proceed to the main booth to redeem a prize. The final message was gu-ro-ri-a-sa-n-ho-ra (Gloria Sanhora) and the prize was a fanart contributed by hika and a random badge to pick from a bag.


For those who had completed the games, they could pick up the mic and sing. Glad to see Stardust cosplayer do an impromtu performance, and many random spoofs like Elizabeth acting as Snow white’s queen mother!

In the end, a mass singing of Seisen no Iberia was done, in some kind of spoof-version by the Märchen cast cosplayed.

Graffiti wall

People had a black wall on which to write stuff, and many doodles of Tettere ouji were seen. As you can tell from the photos, lots of people were cosplaying Sound Horizon characters!

Present for Sound Horizon

Presents were collected and compiled to be sent to sound horizon soon.

SHK anthem

Lyrics in english (the ones made my Elica de Laurant for the 100 Laurant Chorus) were provided in a nice chart and everyone sang together to end off the gathering.

As you can see and read, this gathering really fun! and I bet many of us who live in other parts of the world would have liked to share your time with other Laurants like that! 🙂

Thanks to Kanaunara for organizing this event! We’ll do our best to spread the news of this first-of-its-kind gathering in order to reach Japan, just as the present that will be sent to SH with bits of collaboration of the gathering attendants. Now, only part 2 (the screening of Märchen DVD) next August 7th is left to complete this event!

Gloria Sound Horizon!