After the speculation brought by the special page yesterday, now we know for sure that Sound Horizon is releasing a BEST ALBUM under King Records this year, although the band officialy moved to Pony Canyon last October.

The best album will be called Selection Story CD «Chronology [2005-2010] and will go on sale on April 13th, 2012. Below are all the details available.


Sound Horizon
Selection Story CD

Chronology [2005-2010]

Release date: April 13th, 2012

Content: 2 CD + 1 DVD
Product number:KIZC 149~151

Price: 4,200 yen


CD 1

Eru no Rakuen [Side:E]
Asa to Yoru no Roman
Tasogare no Savant
Ishidatami no Akeki Akuma
Meiou -Thanatos-
Shiseru Monotachi no Monogatari -Istoria-
Hikari to Yami no Märchen
Yoiyami no Uta

CD 2

Yaneura Roman (Roman bonus track)
Juuichi moji no Message -Le vrai message- (Roman bonus track)
Kami no Hikari -Moira- (Moira bonus track)


Eru no Rakuen [Side:E] PV
Miezaru Ude PV
Ishidatami no Akeki Akuma PV
Meiou -Thanatos- PV
Hikari to Yami no Märchen PV)
The Endia and The Nights (Live from Triumph of 3rd Territorial Expansion)
Hajimari no Chronicle (Live from Triumph of 3rd Territorial Expansion)

More information is said to be coming soon from the special page,

For what one can get from the new intro animation at the special page, Chronology [2005-2010] will possibly be the first in a series of best albums under the title of Sound Horizon’s Archives.