Today, the cover art for Sound Horizon’s upcoming Aniversary Maxi “Vanishing Starlight” has been revealed through the official website.





The Regular Edition features the main character and vocalist of the fictional band VANISHING STARLIGHT, Noël, with the other 5 members of the band behind him. On the background, we can see a shadow of Revo’s face.

The japanese writing under Sound Horizon says Vanishing Starlight in small writing, and The glimmer of a star that will vanish someday in big writing. The latter could be the “Japanese reading” of the english single title.

As a curiosity, Glimmer of a Star That Will Vanish Someday is the title of one of Revo’s web-distributed songs, which were shared on his website before the formation of Sound Horizon.

Cover art for Yodaka no Hoshi downloadable version

If you have been following the news, you will know by now that there is some parallel world business going on along with this release. Previously to the release of the single cover art, a different artwork reading only “Vanishing Starlight” was also released:


Although it was thought that this could be the cover art for the band’s single in the parallel world, turns out this is a special artwork for the downloadable version of Yodaka no Hoshi.

Yodaka no Hoshi MV aired for the first time on Fuji TV

FujiTV’s morning show Mezamashi TV aired a short feature on Sound Horizon’s new single, including an interview to Revo. Footage from the new anime music video for Yodaka no Hoshi could be seen for the first time: