Submission period: February 27th to March 30th.

– What is this?

Welcome to the first fan contest organized by White Crow and the Sound Horizon International Forum! On the occasion of the release next April of the best album Selection Story CD “Chronology [2005-2010]”, here in the fansite we’ve thought we could challenge you all with a fan creation contest. What if Sound Horizon worlds met each other? With this fitting motif, we invite you to show us your own interpretation of a world in which characters and events from different horizons happen to meet each other. What if Savant had met Milos in the fountain instead of Chloe? What if Hortense and Violette were caught and sold at the Slave Market? You get the point ;).

– How can I participate?

FIRST OFF, before you think of entering the contest, be sure you’ll be able to provide a postal address to the organization in case you win, as we’ll need it to send you the prize.

We’ll be accepting any submissions that fall in one or more of the following categories:

  • A piece of fanart. This includes drawings of any kind, as well as photos and graphic montages.
  • A fanfiction. There is no restriction on lenght, however, it must be in English, without exception.
  • A piece of music. There is no restriction on length or instruments, but the piece must be a mash-up of  two or more Sound Horizon songs from different releases. It can be instrumental, sung, or whatever you may come up with.
  • A video or animation. There is no restriction on length.
All the submissions might follow the topic of the contest (check the page title if you don’t know it yet). Images can be in .JPG, .PNG, .GIF or .BMP. Pieces of writing can be in .doc format, or preferably in .pdf. Sound and music should be in .mp3, but we can also take .wav or .wmv. Videos can be simply uploaded to YouTube.


  1. Other people’s fanart can be used as part of your entry, only with the artist’s permission. Also keep in mind that it can affect your score, in case you do not bring anything original forward with your contest entry. We encourage you to create something that is entirely done by you.
  2. You can use original music and images from the band, but the criteria will be the same as avobe. It is ok if you use it as a means to an end which involves your own creation. If your entry entirely depends on things not created by you, it will affect the score.
  3. Any applicant who submits a work from another person without asking for permission or/and without giving credit to the original author will be withdrawn from the contest automatically.

Everyone from every part of the world can participate. To enter the contest, you have to send an e-mail to with the subject “Fan Creation Contest” and the following:

  • Your submission (image, audio file, etc…) attached. If it is too big, you can also provide a link to it.
  • Your username.
  • Your country.
  • Add the following line: “I can provide a postal address in case I win the contest” so we can be sure about it.
We’ll e-mail you back confirming the submission.

– How much time do I have?

We’ll be taking submissions until March 30th, 2012 (Fri). There’s still plenty of time!

– Who’s choosing the winner?

The jury will be composed of the Admins and Mods of the Sound Horizon International Forum, that is, three people. However, we might have a guest jury, which is still not confirmed.

There will be only one winner, and the criteria will be based on originality, quality and interpretation of the theme.

The winner will be announced on April 10th, 2012 in the forum and the fansite.

– What if I win?

You’ll get a copy of the upcoming Best Album Selection Story CD “Chronology [2005-2010]”!

We’ll cover the totality of the shipping expenses, wherever you winner happen  to live in. The prize will be sent to you by EMS from CDJapan.

* * *

We’ll be expecting your submission! Good luck!


~ Sound Horizon International Forum Admins and Mods