Happy birthday Sound Horizon! + Our present is now at the SH Office!

Yesterday was the 6th Anniversary of Sound Horizon’s Major Debut (this means, it is the release date of their first album under a major label, BELLWOOD RECORDS). Last year, the movie “Across the Horizon” was screened during some weeks in the occasion of the 5th Anniversary.

There was also a fanclub event in Saitama, but this year (as we already reported) the fanclub event will be a bit special, since all the fans will go with Revo to a holiday resort and will stay there for the night.

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Our present is now at the Sound Horizon Office! yay!

I recieved the following mail from the office on the 27th:

Dear Sergi,
Thank you for always supporting Sound Horizon!

We just wanted to inform you that we got your package safely yesterday.

Thank you for all of your kindness!

Sound Horizon Office

Which means we’ve been successful! The package is now in Japan and we hope it will be handed over to Revo eventually.


After seven months without an update at sound-horizon.net, we finally have a new post in honour of the 6th Anniversary.

I’m a bit lazy to make a full translation, but I’ll make a summary.

  • The new story CD is far from being complete
  • The release date is a critical issue
  • All the collaborating members, along with the staff, and also yokyoan are doing their best!
  • “The train they all catched trusting Revo stops at the graveyard”
  • In the case of wine, when its sugar content is condensed it becomes a mellow alcohol. In the case of music, its painfulness is what becomes the enjoyment of the listener.
  • Our job by now is just to look forward to the album.

Also, the top of the page says now:

“No twitter!? Dr. Revolution’s tweets can only be heard at SH.net!”