White Crow

Covers and tracklist for “Luxendarc Daikikou” revealed!

The cover arts for the Linked Horizon album Luxendarc Daikikou and its tracklist have been revealed today at the official PONY CANYON website! Luxendarc Daikikou LIMITED EDITION Release date: 09/19/2012 Price: 3,500 yen Theme of the Linked Horizon Luxendarc Kikou [Vocalized Version] Utsurona Tsuki no Shita de [Vocalized Version] Kimi... »

Introducing “Sound Horizon Around The World”

Here at White Crow and the International Forum, we’re always up for new challenges. This time, though, it is a pretty big one. We’ll take Hiver Laurant into a voyage around the world in search for his Roman. Literally. To do so, we’ll need the cooperation and commitment of lots... »

10 years of Sound Horizon

Back in 2001, December 30th of that year, Revo released the first album under the name of Sound Horizon, 1st Concept Story Plus “Chronicle”. He put on sale a self-produced print of 5,000 copies of that album, which would eventually lead to the fantasy band we all know and love.... »

Join the new “Revive” chorus! + Triumph concert in Sendai!

We’ve started a new fan project! 😀 We’ll make our chorus version of the Live Tour Opening Theme, “Revive”. To know all the details and join in, be sure to check the special page: “Revival” chorus special page. If we manage to have it done before September 27th, we’ll try... »

The official cast list for the 7th Story Märchen has been announced + concert member list!

The official list of singers and seiyuus for the upcoming 7th Story CD has been announced at the exceptional site today. Singers & Voices Märchen von Friedhof Ceui Kanami Ayano Azumi Inoue MIKI Chinatsu Ishii Kazuki Kiriyama Mikuni Shimokawa Sayumi Kobayashi Minami Kuribayashi REMI Akio Otsuka Jimang Joelle Tomoyo Kurosawa... »

Happy birthday Sound Horizon! + Our present is now at the SH Office!

Happy birthday Sound Horizon! + Our present is now at the SH Office! Yesterday was the 6th Anniversary of Sound Horizon’s Major Debut (this means, it is the release date of their first album under a major label, BELLWOOD RECORDS). Last year, the movie “Across the Horizon” was screened during... »