The official list of singers and seiyuus for the upcoming 7th Story CD has been announced at the exceptional site today.

Singers & Voices

Märchen von Friedhof
Kanami Ayano
Azumi Inoue
Chinatsu Ishii
Kazuki Kiriyama
Mikuni Shimokawa
Sayumi Kobayashi
Minami Kuribayashi
Akio Otsuka
Tomoyo Kurosawa
Miku Hatsune
Yume Suzuki


Idolfried Ehrenberg
Toru Okawa
Nobuo Tobita
Yuichi Nakamura
Miyuki Sawashiro
Saki Fujita
Asuka Tanii

This unexpected cast is one of the biggest changes since the release of Roman. Once again, the list of singers is really long (17 vocals!) and the most notable absences areKAORI and YUUKI.

About the new singers, Ceui and Mikuni Shimokawa are anime jpop singers, Kanami Ayanois a former member of the theatre troupe TakarazukaYume Suzuki is a singer born in 1969 who has been in hiatus since 2001.

Kazuki KiriyamaSayumi KobayashiTomoyo Kurosawa and Chinatsu Ishii are all child actors, being Tomoyo the one who played the role of young Misia during the 6th Story Concert “Moira”.

Azumi Inoue is coming back as a cast singer after taking part on the Roman album and having collaborated in several lives, MIKI has been part of Sound Horizon since Moira and also had a role in Ido e itaru Mori e itaru Ido. Joelle joined the fantasy band for the release of the previous single, as well as the computer generated voice Miku Hatsune.

Jimang and REMI are already devoted SH members, and surprisingly Minami Kuribayashi, who played Misia on the 6th Story, is coming back on this new album. Even so, one of the biggest surpireses is that Akio Ohtsuka, one of SH’s main seiyuus, is now listed as a singer.

Finally, regarding to the seiyuus the appearence of the misterious “Idolfreed Ehrenberg”, which for a moment had seemed to be a bug, typo or unexisting character, is now on the list. Many of the previous SH seiyuus are there with the regrettable exception of Rica Fukami.

This astonishing list will surely boost the expectations towards the 7th Story CD, which will be released on December 15th.