As we reported back in August, Revo wrote the opening and theme songs for a Takarazuka Musical, “Lancelot”, performed by the Star Troupe at Takarazuka’s Bow Hall during the end of August and the beginning of September.

Now, this musical’s been made into a CD and we can hear Revo’s work on it. The two songs are “Dare no Monogatari ka” and “Stargazer”, and several reprises of those themes appear throughout the tracklist.

Some SH-ish words can be heard in the lyrics, such as “Roman” and “Stardust”. However, Revo did not write the lyrics for the songs.

You can download this album on iTunes:

Previews of the two songs from the album:

WC&ALP recruiting finished!

Today was the deadline photo and recording submissions! Thanks to everyone who took part!

We’ve recieved 170 photos, and adding up our submissions to those of Japanese fans, there might be over 200 of us in the chorus!

The two finished presents will be presented on the day of the 7th Anniversary, 27th October.