Today, October 6th, it has been announced from the Imperial Household Agency that Revo and Sound Horizon are not part of KING RECORDS anymore. Since October 1st 2011, Sound Horizon belongs to the record label PONY CANYON.

Sound Horizon made its major debut seven years ago in BELLWOOD RECORDS, a subsidiary of KING RECORDS. It then moved to the main label to release the 5th Story CD Roman, and has stuck around all this time until now.

But, how might that affect Sound Horizon?

  • Technically, Pony Canyon is a bigger label than King Records.
  • Both labels are independent (non belonging to an American or European multinatinal) but Pony Canyon is one subsidiary of a huge holding, Fuji Communications Group.
  • Although both labels are, Pony Canyon is a much more animelo-oriented label than King Records.
  • Pony Canyon has a bigger overseas projection.

What really counts is that Sound Horizon will always be the same as long as Revo is around, so we shouldn’t worry. However, on a personal note, I was really fond of King Records and it looks as though SH had a lot of freedom in it.

Let’s see what will be the first release from Sound Horizon through Pony Canyon!

You can check Sound Horizon’s page at the Pony Canyon website.

CM Movie for the All Laurant Project worldwide collab!

Check it out! And note that the deadline has been moved to October 16th!