Today, June 19th of 2011, is Revo’s Birthday! Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a Birthday concert this year (as it was already announced on last year’s Birthday Concert) but there is still a long Live Tour to come this summer 🙂

We wish Revo the best of luck in the coming years, and hope he will be as awesome and charming as he has been so far!

100 Laurant Chorus Project – “The Glory Kingdom”

After several months of work, our project is finished on time!

Around November last year, Elica de Laurant came to the forum and let us know about this project he was leading. The aim was to gather 100 people to sing an English version of the SHK National Anthem, putting all the recorded voices together through the internet and creating our own chorus version of the song.

And we succeeded! Here is the final video with the song:

Thank you everyone who got involved in this!!
And Thanks to Elica de Laurant for leading this project!!

Clap for Revo! AND Clap for the marvelous Anthem Crew! →