The LINE riddle seems to be solved now. Today we’ve learned that Sound Horizon will be releasing the 2nd volume of the Anniversary Series in October 1st, 2014. This time, it will be a new Maxi Single.


The title of the Maxi Single is “Vanishing Starlight”, which partially explains the numbers posted on line. 8249☆ could be a coded form of the single title, since the four numbers could be read in Japanese as “ba-ni-shi-gu”, a way to transcribe the English word “vanishing”. The rest is self-explanatory.

At the same time, a different announcement has been made through the Sound Horizon LINE group. There, the news were the formation of a new rock band produced by Revo called “VANISHING STARLIGHT”. Chances are this second announcement is nothing but a prank, specially after all the “falsely similar” business going on on LINE.

This is the first time that a Sound Horizon single has a title completely in English (or not in Japanese, for that matter), which is surprising as release titles usually follow strict patterns.

There are no further details apart from the title and release date.